Yes you’re a Christian, but do people see Jesus in you?

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According to current statistics, there are over 2 billion Christians in the world. Many will see this and say “praise God!” However, I always find myself saying “that can’t be right.” Some time ago I came to the conclusion that while there may be many Christians, very few truly reflect the one in whom they claim to believe. The following are some reflections on what I believe all who profess Christ should aspire to (as I myself will always aspire).

Salvation & Evangelism
A Christian accepts Jesus at some point in their life
A disciple follows him daily
A Christian wants to be forgiven of sins
A disciple seeks to be purged of sinful desires
Christians want God to punish evildoers
Disciples know they would have been on His hit list
A Christian wants to win a debate
A disciple sows a seed and leaves God to do His work
Christians indoctrinate their children
Disciples challenge them to know God for themselves
Christians want Jesus to return soon
Disciples want more time to save the lost

The Bible
Christians try to follow biblical law
A disciple understands the law’s purpose
A good Christian knows the Bible
A disciple lives out its message
Christians use key verses to make a point
Disciples will use them in their proper context
Christians wonder why God’s people did not listen to him
Disciples know little has changed

Christians attend church
A disciple is an active part of the body of Christ
Christians worship at specified times and places
Disciples worship in all they do
A Christian behaves piously in church
A disciple knows they are the church wherever they are
Christians can be religious all alone
Disciples crave fellowship with both God and people
A Christian looks for a church they like
Disciples only stay where they will mature
A Christian looks at what a church offers
A disciple looks for the presence of God there
Christians want people to accept their doctrines
Disciples pay more attention to actions
Christians want newcomers to be like them
Disciples know Jesus is a much better role model
Christians take communion at church
Disciples actually commune outside of the ceremony

Daily Living
A Christian does “the right thing”
A disciple hears and obeys God’s voice
A Christian wants to be blessed
A disciple blesses others without expectation
A Christian uses God to further  their agenda
A disciple furthers God’s agenda
A Christian worries when life is hard
A disciple tries to see how God will work this time
A Christian wants the blessings God has in store for them
A disciple can be trusted to use them for His glory
A great Christian is willing to die for the gospel
A disciple is willing to also live it
A Christian takes care of their family
Disciples always add people to that list
Christians want to know if something is technically a sin
Disciples do not look for loopholes
Christians see their suffering and ask “God why?”
Disciples see others’ suffering and ask why they were spared

Spiritual Disciplines
Good Christians do daily devotions
A disciple devotes their daily life
A Christian prays for others
A disciple also tends to their needs
A Christian gives to their church
A disciple gives to whoever needs it
A Christian prays for God to be with them
A disciple prays to be where God wants them
A good Christian forgives their enemies
A disciple desires their salvation and transformation
A good Christian grows in knowledge and wisdom
A disciple is always humbled by how little they know
A good Christian endures suffering
A disciple knows when it would be done in vain
A Christian knows God loves them
A disciple knows He loves their worst enemy just as much
A Christian praises God for His blessings
A disciple praises God when they have yet to arrive
Christians strictly adhere to their religion
Disciples do not impose restrictions on God
Christians say “I’ll pray for you”
Disciples pray with you
Christians want to hear God’s voice
Disciples learn how He speaks
Christians love God’s favor
Disciples know favor always comes with responsibilities
Christians pray for government leaders
Disciples still mean it when they do not agree with them

Ministry & Calling
Christians leave ministry to those who are called
Disciples bring out the calling in everyone
A Christian loves to see ministry happen
A disciple will find how they can support it
A Christian looks forward to Jesus’ return
A disciple knows He will find them working
A Christian wants to receive their reward in heaven
A disciple is willing to pay the price
A Christian likes to be told they preach well
A disciple knows they are just a messenger
A good Christian wins souls
A disciple makes disciples
Christians preach the gospel
Disciples’ lives demonstrate what it looks like in action
A Christian speaks truth without fear
A disciple always speaks truth with love
Good Christians go to the mission fields to evangelize
Disciples see harvest wherever they are
Christians bring people to church to get saved
Disciples save them the trip
Christians tell God they are willing to do anything but ______
Disciples know God’s sense of humor
Christians show love to those who disobey or deny truth
Disciples show compassion without dowplaying truth
Christians may acquire influence and leadership
Disciples acquire wisdom and authority in God’s Kingdom

By Corey Dorsey

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2 thoughts on “Yes you’re a Christian, but do people see Jesus in you?”

  1. Corey, those are some truly excellent and insightful observations for us all. May God give us all grace to live in such a way that we fill the label “Christian” once again with the full content and meaning that designates a true disciple of Christ!

    Christ’s words to all in Matthew 7:21 are sobering: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.”

    1. Hello Karen and thank you so much for commenting. Unfortunately, it seems in the West being a Christian was at one point (and in some ways still is) more cultural than truly legitimate. To this day someone would have a very slim chance of becoming president without stating they have some kind of Christian background. Many would look at that on the surface and say that shows how much of a Christian nation we are. But in reality most of us are swimming in the very shallow and superficial end of what it really means to follow Christ. This is why church splits and in-fighting is so prevalent in the West. We are so privileged compared to people in many other places who literally have to put their lives and freedom on the line to claim the title of Christian. I believe we will fill the label of Christian once again, as you said. However, it will likely be when it once again requires real sacrifice in order to do so.

      I hope you can make your way to the site again.


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