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A real man vs an idiot

Any idiot can get someone pregnant, but it takes a real man to be a father his children.

Any idiot can speak their mind, but real men know how to be civil when others do not agree.

Any idiot can raise his voice, but a real man speaks up for those who have no voice.

Any idiot can use his fists, but real men only use them to protect the weak and innocent.

Any idiot can stumble into wealth, but a real man does not believe it makes him better than others.

Any idiot can acquire authority, but a real man will not abuse it.

Any idiot can put in hard hours at work, but real men also put in the necessary time with their family.

Any idiot can take care of his kids, but a real man can care for any child as if they were his own.

Any idiot can have goals and ambitions, but a real man will not tread on others to get there.

Any idiot can be unafraid to fight another man, but a real man understands protecting his ego is a poor reason to risk losing everything else.

Any idiot can pull a trigger, but a real man does not desire ever having to do so.

Any idiot can find a good woman, but a real man’s actions help her remain one.

Any idiot can take credit for success, but real men will own up to their failures.

Any idiot can react to a problem, but a real man finds effective solutions.

Any idiot can support a child financially, but a real man will also see to their other needs.

Any idiot can give a woman nice things, but a real man is able to give her his heart.

Any idiot can point out faults in others, but a real man always checks the mirror first.

Any idiot can find ways to control people, but a real man will learn to control himself.

Any idiot can lead through fear, but real men lead by example.

Any idiot can notice a beautiful face and body, but a real man treasures a beautiful heart.

Any idiot can show how powerful he is, but a real man is secure enough to choose restraint.

Any idiot can be the best at something, but a real man takes joy in bringing out the best in others.

Any idiot can find something to die for, but a real man will also find things for which he is willing to live.

Any idiot can give a woman a compliment, but it a takes a real man to truly complement her.

Any idiot can pursue career advancement, but a real man has the strength to walk away when the cost is too high.

Any idiot can claim to be self-made, but a real man acknowledges he had no part in choosing his attributes.

Any idiot can buy his children things he never had, but a real man will invest things into them money could never buy.

Any idiot can flaunt his intellect, but a real man remains humble in the knowledge of how much he does not know.

Any idiot can open a door or pull out a chair, but a real man shows loyalty and respect when it really counts.

Any idiot can make more money than his wife, but a real man knows it’s teamwork that wins a game.

Any idiot can identify what is wrong with the world, but a real man strives to leave it a little better than when he came.

By Corey Dorsey

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