Outlawing Abortion Will Never Solve Anything

If you have a problem with abortion, stop thinking complaining or voting for pro-life politicians (who honestly are actually only anti-abortion) will do anything to solve the problem. Let’s say tomorrow Roe vs. Wade was overturned. Now what? Did that actually solve a problem or merely drive it back underground; like it was in the first place. People got abortions before that case and will continue to if it is ever reversed if we fail to practically address the actual causes for people to consider it an option in the first place (finances, absent fathers, social stigma, unsupportive parents, etc…)

The mission of the Church is to fill in that gap rather than simply say “don’t get an abortion” or try to make it illegal. Trying to legislate morality didn’t work out so well for the Pharisees, so why are so many of us repeating those very same errors. Last I checked, Jesus and the apostles didn’t spend the gospels and Acts campaigning for laws to be changed. Instead, they just met people‚Äôs needs and made them feel valuable when the religious folks simply marginalized them and emphasized what terrible human beings they were.

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