On school prayer

If prayer was still allowed in schools, then school shootings wouldn’t happen, right? So exactly what were they praying about when schools were segregated? Or when kids getting bullied was pretty much all but ignored; and in some cases considered acceptable. Or how about when girls were prohibited from getting an education?

I recall this guy named, what’s his name again…..oh yeah Jesus, stating that praying to God out of mere ritual and habit meant nothing if the heart wasn’t in the right place. And how would we know if someone’s heart is in the right place you may ask? Through their actions! So for the less than well thought people who are convinced bad things wouldn’t happen if prayer was still allowed in schools, I would encourage you to do two things. The first is to examine whether God wants routine prayer or an actual life of faith that is reflected in our actions when we aren’t praying. The second is for you to consider reading about my friend Job in regards to whether or not we serve God because it means we will be shielded from every hurt and harm life has to offer.

And on that last point, you may also want to consult a few other folks (the disciples, apostles, prophets, Jesus, etc…) If following Christ means nothing bad ever happens to you, as opposed to how believers as both individuals and a community should respond to life’s difficult situations, I really don’t know what book you’ve been reading.

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