Love is not selfish

Love is not selfish and does not put its desires ahead of others.

So why are there so many people claiming “love” entitles them to go after anybody with no care or concern for the others they burn in the process?

Oh, right. Love only applies to romantic relationships and has nothing to do with a general care and concern for all people; at least according to our society.

Actually that was a misquote. Portions of our society will  promote love in the form of failing to be honest with someone because “love” doesn’t want us to hurt their feelings. But truth spoken in love is love indeed. Love without truth isn’t love at all. In fact, it’s selfish because at that point we are more concerned with our feelings and how we may be perceived than helping loved ones and others too close to a problem to see it clearly. Real love will make us risk taking the hit in efforts to spare someone else the beating they will continue to take otherwise.

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