God is love or love is god

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Christians and non-Christians alike are very familiar with the phrase “God is love.” But how often do our actions seem to promote “Love is God?” Most of us were or are guilty of moments in our lives when our idea of love contradicts the very meaning of the word. The following are several examples of such:

• Not caring who we hurt, betray, or manipulate for the sake of romantic love

• Refusing to turn a family member in for something terrible for the sake of familial love

• Putting our children’s momentary happiness and desire for them to like us, ahead of their need to develop accountability, discipline and good judgment for the sake of parental love

• Putting our passions and interests ahead of doing what we should to be there for our families because of love of our dreams

• Looking down on people of other ethnicities and cultures because of love of our race and people like us

• Being unwilling to criticize the political party we support because of love of our political ideologies

• Being unwilling to acknowledge or criticize the negative impacts our nation has on others in the world because of love of country

• Refusing to forgive someone who has wronged us or our beliefs because of our love of vengeance and self-pity

• Dominating someone who is weaker than us in some way because of our love of control

• Going for the win in a conflict or debate rather than seeking a resolution because of our love of being right

• Becoming angry when something does not happen how or as quickly as we want it to because of our love of convenience and instant gratification

• Slowly killing ourselves by eating more than we need and indulging in things we know we should not because of our love of food

• Insulting and humiliating those who are less gifted or skilled than us because we love to feel superior

• Going into debt for belongings because of our love of material possessions and admiration from others

• Being the center of rumors, gossip and drama because of our love of attention

• Refusing to stand up for someone or something we should but know people may disagree with, because of our love of acceptance

• Failing to step out on faith and do what God has called us to do, because of our love of comfort

• Most of the above for the love of money

All of these, and many more, are things we place above God because we often choose to be comfortable and unchanging in our beliefs and responses when it comes to certain people or topics. They are the things we are often touchiest about and cannot imagine life without them in the place we have made for them. We will move heaven and Earth to defend and justify their place at the very top our priority list. However different they are, they can all be grouped and described as one very simple, age old biblical term.


By Corey Dorsey

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