Freedom of religion

Things usually work on a pendulum. First there is one extreme and at some point the pendulum swings to the opposite end. At some later point it may settle in between where people actually begin to make sense. For much of US history, we as Christians have enjoyed privilege in that we were actually able to get away with some things other religions or belief systems couldn’t. But at the same time, much of that was lip-service Christianity and not the true faith of the Bible.

Now we are heading towards an extreme where people have began misinterpreting separation of church and state to mean religion (particularly Christianity) must be relegated to the privacy of churches, homes and internal feelings. This is just a reaction to the first extreme. But both extremes are wrong and merely serve to promote one bias over another. According to our laws, the government is neither to support nor hinder religious expression. We are entering a time when people of faith are told they are to be neutral in public, when it is the government that is supposed to be neutral. So first the government kind of supported Christianity and is now trying to hinder it.

As a Christian, discrimination or persecution will always separate the truly committed from those who merely pay lip-service. In some ways we should be thankful that it is getting less and less comfortable to be a lip-service Christian. For it is the lip-service Christians who have misrepresented us the most. it is them who make us look like hypocrites, bigots and political idiots. And with them gone, who we really are and what we really stand for will be more apparent.
True Christian are able to show love to everyone, but also stand firm on what we know to be truth.


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