An Open Letter to Some Conservative Followers

Dear Conservative Followers (actually just the angry/bitter ones),

Let’s just be honest with each other. If republicans had complete control of Washington and were trampling on people’s rights and constitutional laws, many people who are angry right now wouldn’t say a thing about it. Many would actually support them and believe it’s for the good of the country. And you may say, “How could we know this?” A small basis for this position may be somewhat rooted in the fact that it already occurred  during the previous administration.

Therefore when calling people out, please be willing to do so regardless of which side of the political spectrum they’re on. The hypocrisy of only getting upset when someone from the other party does the same crap yours does really tends to hurt the principles you claim to stand for. Leave the hypocrisy for the politicians since they at least get paid to talk out of both sides of their mouths. Why should you to do it for free?

Warmest regards (for real, no sarcasm),

Your friendly neighborhood independent.

P.S. Saying you’re patriotic while saying and posting insulting, malicious things about the Commander in Chief is pretty contradictory as well. How can we expect our children to respect this country when they hear adults constantly demeaning it’s leader?

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