An analogy of two philandering husbands

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Imagine a woman having on and off marriages with two guys. These gentlemen occasionally take her out for fast food or get her gifts from a pawn shop. But most of the time, they manipulate her into draining her bank account to bankroll those gifts, their pet projects and wealthy mistresses. These mistresses also regularly exercise influence over this woman’s marriages.

The two philandering husbands also use this woman’s money for nights out with friends. One of the most despicable activities they engage in is using her funds to cozy up to companies she actually owes money to so they will not go out of business.  As a result, these businesses are able to continue collecting on her debt; which basically means she is paying them twice.

Anytime this used and abused woman questions her husbands about their outrageous behavior, they respond in several predictable ways. They will usually point the finger at what the other husband has done to her; even when they are guilty of the exact same thing. To further cover their tracks, they also proceed to convince her it is all for her own good. And by taking advantage of her seemingly short-term memory, they finally coax her into believing things were so much better in one of their previous marriages.

Whenever she inevitably gets fed up with one husband’s abuse of her trust, she simply runs back to the other. Time after time she arrives at the conclusion that since it has been a few years, he must have finally gotten his act together. And thus, the same vicious cycle begins all over again until she ends up right back in the same place she was before; except straddled with several times more debt.

If asked you what we think of this woman, we would likely say she is out of her freaking mind. Why not date other guys or take some time to be on her own until she is prepared to have a relationship in which she will not allow herself to be taken advantage of over and over again?

Unfortunately, the United States of America refuses to quit remarrying it’s two abusive husbands every 2 to 8 years.

By Corey Dorsey

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