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26 white stereotypes by black people

26 white stereotypes by black people

White people are known for many things, but surprisingly not for their stereotypes. Most people are all too familiar with stereotypes of Blacks, Latinos, Asians and other groups. But many whites are surprised to learn those with little to no exposure to whites have also collected their own list of blanket assumptions.

The purpose of this piece is not to insult or perpetuate any of the mentioned stereotypes. It is to show just how idiotic stereotypes actually are when we compare them to those we hold towards others. In many cases, opposing members of ethnic groups hold the exact same prejudices.

They do not discipline their kids
If you asked many black people, they believe white people pretty much let their kids run wild. As someone who works with children for a living, I have found bad parenting to be no respecter of race.

They are all rich; or at least not poor
Yes this may be a shock to many, but blacks who have only lived around other blacks often believe all white people have money. They would be stunned to learn just how most of the country actually lives; especially when it comes to the racial breakdown of welfare.

They are fake and disingenuous
I have heard time and time again from other blacks about the fakeness of white people. We just find it hard to trust people who try a little too hard to be perky and upbeat outside of church services. Any bad personal experiences only fan the flames.

They are oblivious to hard realities
Due to several of the other stereotypes and limited personal experiences, many of us can be led to believe white people cannot comprehend things like poverty, police corruption, institutional racism or government conspiracies.

They are all politically active
If a survey were taken among black people asking if they believe most white people vote, it would likely have pretty positive results. But as many statistics show, Americans in general have either been uninvolved or dissatisfied with our political system. The overall voting population is usually around 25%.

They are all at least secretly racist
A lot of this stereotype piggybacks off of the “fake” one. Many blacks truly believe even whites who claim to be sympathetic to our struggles, are only one difficulty away from turning on us. This is especially true when certain statements are made such as, “Oh, I never noticed you were black.”

They are aware of their white privilege
The reason many blacks get upset when trying to reveal white privilege is not because we think you do not believe us. It is because we think you know, but simply refuse to admit it. But the truth is those who have any kind of privilege are inherently unaware of it because it is their normal.

They are bland
When it comes to food, music and fashion, we often think whites have little flavor. Therefore when an individual appears to have what we would normally assume they would lack, we then assume they must have copied it from blacks or some other culture.

They complain the most
This will surprise many, but a good portion of blacks see whites as the biggest whiners. As a result of many stereotypes mixed with reality, we are simply puzzled when those we feel enjoy the most rights, privilege and wealth complain about anything.

They blindly trust the legal system
For obvious historical reasons which inspired To Kill a Mockingbird, a majority of blacks distrust the law. Likewise, many of us believe whites are prone to deny that innocent people get arrested, convicted or executed. But when race is involved, vision tends to be clouded on both sides.

White women are submissive
Too many blacks to count suppose more black men are dating white women merely because they are easier to handle. But in reality, most men are not particularly picky when it comes to dating and even less so when it comes to bed partners. Studies also show domestic violence is consistent across all boundaries of culture and sexuality.

They are more willing to do hardcore drugs
Yes you read it correctly. A lot of black people feel whites are more likely to experiment with cocaine, meth, ecstasy, mushrooms, heroine, huffing and unauthorized prescriptions. This is also why we are so frustrated with the amount of blacks incarcerated on drug charges compared to whites.

They are more promiscuous and sexually adventurous
Ok, so maybe this does play a part in why some black guys may seem to target white women. However, I have found most cultures tend to think people from another culture are either complete freaks or freakishly repressed. And when black teen pregnancy rates are higher than whites, we figure it is because white parents either provide birth control or encourage abortions.

They take more unnecessary risks
Most blacks would quickly turn down an invitation to skydive, mountain climb or drag race; especially if we grew up in somewhat rough neighborhoods. By those standards, going outdoors was enough danger in itself.

They care about animals more than people
When blacks see PETA or those depressing commercials with Sarah Mclachlan, we instantly tend to think of white people. When we think about vegetarians or someone dressing their dog in designer threads, we tend to think white people.

They all speak proper English
If you are black and have good grammar, chances are another black person said you sound white. But as someone who currently lives around tons of white folks, believe me when I say this is a complete myth. Now if you hear a black person pronounce potato with an “er” at the end or say they need to “itch their back,” you may have a point.

They are less likely to go to jail
This does not mean we believe whites commit less crimes. We merely suspect they will not be as likely to be arrested, convicted or receive harsh sentences.

They are more likely to turn on allies
While many blacks who have lived around their own are distrustful of whites, we also believe they cannot trust each other.

They have better credit scores
You only need to watch a few black comedic performances to see this belief come out loud and clear. Many of us believe whites have better credit. But if we were to examine actual data, an overwhelming number of Americans struggle with debt and excessive material consumption. Blacks and whites simply choose different ways of flaunting their financial irresponsibility.

They are more likely to commit suicide
In my youth I remember hearing things like, “When a black person loses a job they know how to scrimp and survive. When a white person loses a job they jump off a building.” For whatever reason, many blacks believe whites are quicker to check out when times get hard.

They are more likely to be serial killers or mass murderers
You do not know just how bummed black people were to learn the DC Sniper was black. For years we prided ourselves on the belief that whenever you heard about a kid bombing a school, a serial killer or some mom drowning her kids, it had to be a white person.

They smell like _________
I have personally said (when I was younger and more ignorant) or heard a number of things put into this blank. Some of the most common are bologna, mayonnaise and wet dog.

They are more likely to be atheist or anti-religion
When most black people hear about an atheist, we usually figure it is a white person. Now when it comes to people not practicing what they preach, pretty much every racial group is in trouble.

They are more likely to sue
Many blacks believe whites are much quicker to use civil litigation as a means to solve problems and disagreements. However, watching a few episodes of Judge Judy shows the most likely groups to sue are roommates and ex-lovers.

They are afraid of confrontation
Based on the experiences of many coworkers, roommates and reality TV participants, many blacks believe white people avoid confrontation. Instead, those who hold this view believe they are more likely to go to a higher up or use passive aggression to handle interpersonal conflicts.

They are not happy with who they are
Because of the discrimination which has occurred based on skin color and other factors, many blacks are baffled by things like tanning, collagen injections and butt implants. We also assume whites are far more likely to get cosmetic surgery.

If humanity is to ever be united, it will not begin with working towards a common good. It will happen because we first agree anything composed of humans is always screwed up. But since we would still have human nature, we would then fight over which group is the least screwed up.

By Corey Dorsey

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3 thoughts on “26 white stereotypes by black people”

    1. I only came to shatter a lot of these for myself because I live where I do now and work as a therapist for small town white families. It has allowed me to see a lot more of the commonalities in our shared shortcomings.

  1. well I hope all is going well with your appointments, I very much look forward to your posts, much better then fox news, my coworkers are always asking how do i know this stuff. Its been one hundred years since the Titanic tragedy, but because of that event which seemed horible at the time and to this day, much good came out of it. Sooooo although it may be bad now, more then likely some good will come out of it, hang in there. God be with you

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