21 things we took for granted when gas was under $1

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1.        I should go ahead and fill the tank since I’m here anyway.

2.       Who’s up for a long Sunday drive in the country?

3.       A credit card through a gas station, who needs that?

4.       The kids just won’t go to sleep. A good drive should fix that.

5.       The gas attendant won’t care if I pump before going in to pay.

6.       Only people without cars take public transportation.

7.       It’s above 70°,I better turn on the AC.

8.       Why should I care about alternative fuel and energy?

9.       It’s 7¢ cheaper over the state line. Nah, I’ll just get gas here.

10.   Of course a job is always worth the commute.

11.   I’m not getting a car wash from there just because it’s 5¢ off per gallon.

12.   I’m putting $15 in the tank. That should give me time to go in and pay, clean the windshield, vacuum the rugs, buy some snacks and pump the tires.

13.   I know those other two places are on the way, but I’ll just make another trip later.

14.   It’s a beautiful day outside. I think I’ll take the scenic route today.

15.   It’s 35° out this morning…better start the car up 20 minutes early.

16.   I just got a great deal on this car. I wonder how many mpg it gets anyway?

17.   Yeah I carpool, but only because it is more convenient.

18.   Syphoning gas? Why would anyone do that?

19.   Who’s up for a road trip? Alright, I just need everyone to pitch in $2 apiece.

20.   I think I’m about finished making my budget. Oh yeah, guess I’ll put down gas as an expense.

21.   I heard we’re taking military action in the Middle East. I suppose it is time to liberate that area. Why else would we be there?

By Corey Dorsey

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