21 teachers you will have in school

Teachers are a central part of the education experience. From the good, bad and everything in between, they certainly create some memorable times for us to look back on as we grow older. So the following 21 traits describe teachers most of us will have at some point in school.

These people are barely even teachers. Most of the time all they do is assign a bunch of work, but rarely take the time to actually explain or teach anything (except when another adult happens to be observing the class).

Everything is about discipline with them. It does not matter who is right or wrong, as long as they make sure we know they are in control. It is not uncommon for them to go out of their way to give harsher punishments than most other teachers.

Fresh Meat
Few school experiences are more amusing than watching fresh out of college teachers attempt to reign in an unruly class. But sometimes they get pushed to their breaking point and cry in front of the whole class. That is when we really start to feel bad for them. Well maybe some of us. Kids can be so cruel.

They are full of jokes and usually rank among our favorite teachers. The upbeat atmosphere they create often makes the time in their class appear to pass much faster than in most others.

Have you ever had teachers who try way too hard to be hip? It is nice that they want to relate to the kids and all, but trying to be someone they are not typically results in a loss of respect. And if anyone can tell when someone is being fake, it is children.

No, they did not colonize schools. But they certainly are not happy about where their ship has landed; and everyone can see it. What they really wanted was to teach at a fancy private school or at least in a higher income area. But instead, they could only get work at inner city schools and show up to work seething with resentment every day.

The Cool
These teachers are often their students’ favorite educator. They do not try too hard to fit in or be hip, yet they get along well with young people. They often have a laid back teaching style, which makes it easier for students to pass their class.

Everybody has a teacher who acts like something crawled up their butt every morning. Being mean seems to be less about their predicament, but rather a part of their personality.

The my-way-or-the-highway teachers who could care less about whether or not you still managed to get the correct answer. They seem to be oblivious to the well documented research showing people have different ways of learning and retaining information. And good luck if you ever expect them to deviate from the lesson plan.

Unfortunately, any occupation involving a large amount of contact whit children will have its share of predators. But what surprises most of us today, is just how many of these predators are now 20-something female teachers. Well, that and they often get more lenient sentences than males who did the exact same thing.

Have you have ever watched films like Freedom Writers, Lean on Me or Stand and Deliver? They are based on teachers who inspired hope in students everyone else gave up on. And while most of the teachers who inspire us probably will not have a Hollywood film made about them, the impact they can have on us is no less extraordinary.

Lifetime Scar-ers
While inspiring teachers motivate us in ways that change the course of our lives for the better, Lifetime Scar-ers are the polar opposite. Despite them calling you a “loser” or saying “you’ll never amount to anything” one time when you were 9, it left a scar you carry with you til this day. So yes they make an impact, but not the kind anyone who calls themselves a teacher should ever want.

Ever had one of those teachers who managed to explain subject matter in a way you could easily understand? Somehow, they are able to take the exact same material your other teachers taught and break it down into something fairly simple.

The Emotional
Teachers who wear their emotions on their sleeves can be amusing at best and disturbing at worst. Events in their personal life can affect their daily mood or even how much work they assign. But in any case, everyone feels uncomfortable when teachers have a meltdown in front of the class.

Education can be one of those fields where frustrations with workplace politics and absurd policies take their toll over time. The passion which was once there has fizzled and now it’s just a job. At this point, it does not take long for others to realize the days when they loved the job are far behind them.

The Inappropriate
Most people will know what it’s like to have that teacher who sometimes says things they should not. In most instances, they will never mention anything about it to their parents.

The Incompetent
Have you ever had a teacher you seriously felt understood less about teaching than you? If it turns out you are not in fact ridiculously arrogant, they really may be that bad at their job. But thanks to a lovely thing called tenure, they can continue screwing up kids for decades to come.

The Grudgeful
These are the teachers who single out particular students they do not like, then grade and discipline accordingly. And since they are the teacher, most people will never believe the child’s claims of unfair treatment.

The Attractive
In many cases, they will be a child’s first crush. But given the shameful stories about teachers in the news today, some kids are discovering they can be another first as well.

The Sub
Among teachers, this is the equivalent of a wildcard. Quite frankly they could turn out to be any of the other types on this list. However, attempts to test their limits will tend to remain constant.

The Chooser
What makes this teacher so much different from most others is their sheer talent. It becomes obvious they could have easily pursued other career paths and done well for themselves. Yet, they chose teaching because nurturing young minds is what they truly find fulfilling. It is these kinds of individuals who seem reveal a deeper understanding of the important things in life.

By Corey Dorsey

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