16 questions guaranteed to test what you take for granted

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  1. Are there germaphobes in places where sanitation is a luxury available to a select few?
  2. Is there anorexia or bulimia in places where starvation is a daily reality?
  3. Are anti-vaccination protestors in places where children regularly die of preventable diseases?
  4. Are people against regulating industry in communities where cancer, miscarriages and birth defects are a common courtesy of the factory upstream?
  5. Would people who actually lived under the effects of Hitler or Stalin, so easily invoke them to describe any politician they dislike?
  6. Is “retarded” a funny way to describe something we consider irrational, to people dealing with disorders so heavily impacting the lives of them and their loved ones?
  7. Do people in places where the dumping, bathing and drinking water are one in the same, care if clean water comes from a tap or a bottle?
  8. Do people forced to walk miles to and from work every day care what the color, year or model of a potential vehicle is?
  9. Does a woman unable to conceive despite years of trying, really buy that she has a “right to choose” pregnancy?
  10. Does the child of an abusive father take comfort in the assertion that more fathers in the home will cure social problems?
  11. Do homeless people say “I’m broke” nearly as much as someone who has to skimp on a few things the week they buy an IPhone?
  12. Do people unable to afford leaving neighborhoods plagued by violence and substandard education, think “ghetto” is a harmless way of describing anything below our preferred standards?
  13. Do survivors of molestation and sexual assault believe “raped” is the best way to describe someone dominating a game or sport?
  14. Do people living in countries where Christians are routinely imprisoned, tortured or killed, really care about the music, decorum or dress code during worship?
  15. Does an unemployed veteran being denied benefits, take much comfort in bumper stickers saying we support our troops?
  16. What would the person risking their life in a blood diamond mine, think about the woman turning her nose up at a ring because it did not “cost” enough?

We should all take a step back from time to time to reconsider what is truly worth our complaints. Hopefully, we can learn to distinguish real problems from the benefits of American privilege.


By Corey Dorsey

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6 thoughts on “16 questions guaranteed to test what you take for granted”

  1. Boy you really have alot to say about Everything and everyone in this cruel cruel world. Sorry I posted about missing someone I love or my dogs…what I didnt post is the fact my unemployed COMBAT veteran husband that did not get off the plane fresh out of Afghanistan cant get a job because they want a “younger veteran. Not one that fought from 93 -96 in 3 wars that nobody heard about or talk about. He fought forces without ammunition. He helped allthose refugees in Rwanda. He was in a foxhole when they bombed Bosnia. WHY the hell doesnt anybody talk about those wars in social media? He actually came home in one piece without ptsd. Why doesnt anyone speak up for these veterans or Gulf war veterans which I came from. I’m 100percent service connected. All my meds are paid for but nobody came out here to redo my house when I was in a wheelchair and my veteran husband had to quit his JOB to pick my ass up to put me on the toilet. No pay for him tp cook, clean, take sole care of our 4 yr old and picking me up pff the floor when I fell which I did alot . Stick that into your culture conscience. I keep my mouth shut pn facebook BECAUSE I dont want to be that person that bitches about everything and everyone and the state of our culture. So if I want to post a pretty picture of a Porch or my cute dog Why the hell is everyone offended about every goddamn thing in this Politically correct culture. Why do I have to feel scolded because I miss my sister who died 12 years ago and I say something on MY Facebook page about it. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT IS CULTURALLY CORRECT ARE YOU THE CULTURALLY CORRECT POLICE????? I THOUGHT POLITICALLY CORRECT WAS BAD ENOUGH BUT NOW CULTURE CORRECT. WTF

    1. This whole post was directed at your 27 annoying status on YOUR CULTURE CONSCIENCE website. I guess you are the guy to go to, to see if its okay to say something on facebook. FU

      1. Hello Laurie and thank you for viewing and commenting on this post. It is clear something in the “Facebook” post hit a chord with you and took you to a not so good place. It was really intended to be a more light-hearted entry, though I admit I knew it wouldn’t please everyone; as is the case with many things I may write. I don’t take myself too seriously and believe sometimes we all have to take a little time to challenge and laugh at ourselves. In regards to the issue of your husband, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a post about the hardships your family has gone through. It leaves me asking the question of why you didn’t write about those things. I may be wrong, but perhaps some measure of being “culturally correct” kept you from doing so.

        It can’t be denied that we live in society in which people ask “How’s it going” every day, but very few would actually care to hear about our lives falling apart. So we say we’re fine and move on because we know there are certain social rules about “bringing people down.” What connects many of the “posts” I poked fun at is the superficiality at their core. You are right to ask why veterans and their families aren’t better cared for in a country that pays so much lip service to “supporting the troops.” And it’s exactly those kinds of concerns this site is actually about. But because everyone isn’t trying to hear that all of the time, people must also be drawn in by some of the more catchy, light-hearted topics I may put up like tacky Facebook posts. I believe if you would read this particular post within the context of the deeper articles I have written about thus far, and maybe check out my About page, you would have a better glimpse into where my heart really is.

        I truly hope your initial offense will not prevent you from doing this. You will see there is a method to my madness if you do. And in fact, the latest post I put up earlier includes some of the very issues you have raised; though I hadn’t received your response at that time. I don’t think we are actually that far apart, but I understand why you may have taken the bit about “writing to dead people” the way you did. I wish all the best to you and your family and thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Well I guess an apology is in order. For some reason I didn’t find humor I that post about Facebook and its 27 annoying status. But you took alot of your time responding so Thank You for that. To be honest with you I wouldn’t even know where to post our families hardships. Any ideas? Facebook is not the place for me to do that. Too many judges who think I should be working. They don’t have the first damn clue what my life was like a year or two ago. Or what it is now. If they really cared they would try to understand it. Instead of judging. But anyway thats a whole nother kettle of fish.
    I certainly respect the fact that you are a man of god and minister to those in need. My faith is another thing. I dont really believe. I don’t have the faith and I dont know how to fix that. Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome
    Bless your heart that you are helping people learn and live the faith. Meanwhile I’m sitting here lookin at Facebook for whatever reason. It doesn’t help anyone. Just pissin people off. (Like me right) lol Take care Mr culture conscience. Keep on keeping on. Yours truly Laurie Hazelton

    1. @Laurie Hazelton, you’ve come to the right place…if I’ve ever met someone I’d consider a true friend to All, it would be “Mr. Culture Conscience” himself. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your struggles and frustrations here, and I pray you find a safe space to continue voicing without fear of judgment. Mr. CC sincerely seeks to understand, meet people where they are in life, and truly loves others. He is not just lip-service! All my best to you, thank you for sharing on this site, and may God bless you and your family always. Take care!

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