Corey Dorsey on a 2013 missions trip to Kenya .

Culture Conscience came about completely on accident. It began during the fall of 2012 when I created a new Facebook account. For two years prior, I abstained from Facebook for several reasons:

*Ignorance (excessive profanity, fights, drunk pics, incoherent language, etc…)
*TMI – For those unfamiliar, it stands for sharing Too Much personal Information
*Seeing Christians post most of the above
*Concerns over privacy and online information (I guess that worry wasn’t far off)
*Feeling like it was a complete waste of time and the world survived before it anyway

Well after becoming more ministry-minded, the thought occurred that it is easy to point fingers and avoid what bothers us. But what is more productive is to be an example in the midst of a problem. And with this understanding, I began using that platform as a means for indirect ministry. I would write insightful, and at times humorous, posts on anything from religion and politics to race and education. Over time, I realized more people were reading these extended rants than I ever thought. With that information, and urgings from family and friends, I felt it was time to create a larger platform to continue striving towards the following goals:

*Reach people who may never step foot into a church; for the first time or again
*Challenge the assumptions and hypocrisies us within and outside the church maintain
*Discontinue allowing the talents I’ve been given to go to waste
*Be a voice of reason and compassion in a culture where extremists are heard the most
*Find a market to help provide for my family…hey I’ve got kids to feed after all

Well this is the experiment, now it’s time to see how it pans out.

Corey Dorsey is a lay-minister, therapist for children with developmental disorders and seminary graduate. He is the founder of CultureConscience.com as well as a devoted husband and father of two.


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