13 reasons why Jesus would be a terrible liberal

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1.       He believes freedom comes with responsibility

Many liberals are very much about protecting and acquiring certain freedoms. But in efforts to protect their causes from bad publicity, they will often turn a blind eye to those clearly abusing those freedoms. And if there was one thing clear through Jesus’ interactions with everyone from religious leaders to his closest disciples, it was how much he emphasized accountability. He was all for freedom from the oppressive weight of religious laws, but also mentioned those accepting this freedom are to follow a narrow path. Otherwise, they would be like a fruitless tree.

2.       If people did not accept him, he moved on

When Jesus sent the apostles out to evangelize the nation, he gave them instructions to simply leave if their message was not accepted. He walked in the wisdom that debate was pointless with someone who simply was not trying to hear it yet. Yet, different liberal groups are well known for apparently believing shame and condescension are the best ways to reach an unreceptive audience. But what often happens is people will quickly raise their defenses and the actual message will get lost somewhere behind the ill-advised tactics.

3.       He believes discipline is a necessary part of love

When mixing parenting with very liberal ideas, what can result is a child with no understanding of respect for authority and social accountability. And if some had their way, someone could be jailed for even raising their voice to a child, better yet a hand. On the other hand, Jesus was quite the proponent of tough love as essential to a child of God. God’s discipline is compared to pruning a tree or gold refined in fire. While he clearly admonished those who would harm a little one, he also saw great harm in rejecting discipline altogether.

4.       He is extremely pro-life

There is just no way around it. In fact, he was so pro-life he went around offering eternal life and raising people from the dead. Jesus stated he knew every person before the foundation of the world was laid. Someone with such intimate involvement with all that exists, is unlikely to justify millions of children being artificially gutted whenever they may inconvenience someone. He said God knows each of us down to the number of hairs on our head. Do we really think he postpones keeping track of children until the day they are born?

5.       He is compassionate, but still calls a spade a spade

Compassion and Jesus are pretty much synonymous. His capacity for demonstrating kindness and love towards the guilty, lame, ignorant and poor know no bounds. And when an angry mob of religious zealots was ready to stone a woman for committing adultery, he challenged the crowd to consider their own sins before rendering such punishment for what she had done. What he never said was since everyone else sinned, the woman was innocent. Yet, today there are many who claim someone is casting a stone for plainly calling it as it is; even when spoken with love.

6.       He does not consider animals to be equal with, or above, humanity

Jesus obviously cares for creation; being he was a part of speaking it into existence and all. He states not one sparrow falls from the sky that escapes the notice of the heavenly father. He then follows this verse with the rhetorical question, “How much more does our heavenly father care for us?” What is implicit within this statement is the concept that while God cares about creation as a whole, he cares even more for humanity. So for anyone to defend creation at the expense of human life, is obviously a deviation from God’s intentions.

7.       He is not a fan of using litigation to resolve problems

If there is one thing liberals might be known for, it is pursuing litigation to fix a problem. While Jesus did not condemn the legal system as a whole, he did chastise those who filed lawsuits without exhausting virtually every other means of conflict resolution. There was never any mention of doing so to prove a point or make someone’s pockets hurt. One of the main concepts he emphasized to people of his day, is laws do nothing to change a person’s heart. The only judge needed to ultimately vindicate justice, is the one who will judge all people.

8.       He believes in the wise stewardship of resources

No one cared for the poor and marginalized more than Jesus. He constantly healed, fed and acknowledged people the rest of society abandoned and despised. With that said, he would have been mighty ticked when trying to heal someone yelling, “Don’t or I’ll lose my disability check!” Wanting to provide for the most vulnerable in society is truly a noble cause. But turning a blind eye to those who are clearly abusing and manipulating those intentions does even more damage to the plight of those actually needing help.

9.       He had some obvious problems with free sexual expression

Jesus is a part of the person of God, and God is love. Free love is something different altogether. Sexual immorality is a subject Jesus did not shy away from and was very frank about. He did not condone sleeping around. Furthermore, he said to even look at someone with lustful intentions was adultery. And quite frankly, #4 would hardly be an issue if we could just heed his advice on the topic.

10.   He was opposed to no-fault divorce

There was a time when some people asked Jesus if it was okay to divorce for any reason. Many read this and believe it was a question about what reasons would be alright to divorce over. But what they were really asking was about divorcing for practically any random reason. Jesus’ response was it was only permissible on the grounds of infidelity. However, before saying this he specified divorce was never God’s intention and Moses only allowed it because the people were so stubborn. (Note: If abuse is going on, you need to leave the house)

11.   He asserts respect for authority and parents

Throughout many of Jesus’ teachings and parables, the notion of authority comes through fairly often. He affirms the need to respect authority when saying citizens should render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s. It should go without saying there is a difference when authority is harming its citizens. But to disregard it because of inconvenience or personal desires is a no go here. We may not always agree with those in authority over us, but we are instructed to obey and pray for those God has allowed to occupy those positions.

12.   Nothing incurs his indignation like hypocrisy

Although the left does not typically claim to represent religious values, there remains plenty of room for hypocrisy. At least the right is fairly upfront about business and war contractors being in their pocket. Liberal politicians make the pitch of being so much for the people, while often being controlled by the exact same entities. Of course, it likewise comes at the expense of the public. There is also the small issue of fighting against discrimination, by subsequently discriminating against people in disagreement about those issues.

13.   He believes changing hearts is not accomplished through laws

Liberals have generally been more successful than their counterparts when it comes to reaching hearts. Yet, over time they have also done their share of pushing to legislate morality. The result is often resentment, mistrust and less overt discrimination/oppression towards the beneficiaries. And when this happens, the cycle of legislating a way out begins once again. In contrast, Jesus always placed changing hearts as essential to achieving lasting change. If the law in itself was able to make people more righteous, there would have been little need for his appearance on Earth 2,000 years ago.

By Corey Dorsey

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